Lauren h.


“I recently had my makeup done by Jenna for my wedding, along with my bridesmaids. I was concerned about my breakouts being noticed, and my naturally sensitive and red skin. Jenna did the most amazing job, I looked absolutely flawless. My skin did not appear red all night and you could not tell I was breaking out at all. All my bridesmaids were in complete awe. Even by the end of the night at 3:00 AM I still looked perfect. I would highly recommend Jenna, and will be using her again in the future!”

candice h.


“I would recommend Jenna to everyone and anyone. With weeks of searching for a MUA, I came across Jenna’s website and her work was just amazing. When I did my trial run, she was able to give me eyebrows (mine are very blonde and barely there) and just made me feel great. Come my wedding day, Jenna worked on 6 of us girls and my mother. Everyone was super impressed with their makeup and it lasted all night and into the early hours of the morning. I wear glasses daily and I am never comfortable in contacts… but after Jenna was finished with my wedding day makeup I was extremely comfortable, and able to wear contacts all day. Thank you for the confidence boost, I felt like a million dollars. Everyone complimented my makeup. I will definitely use and call Jenna again to get my makeup done for an event.”

brie c.

"Let me start by telling you how extremely particular I am with how my makeup needs to look. For months before my wedding I had been debating whether or not to have my makeup professionally done or do it myself. In the past, every time I had my makeup professionally done I never liked it, and quickly went to the bathroom to edit and touch up how it looked. Someone referred me to Jenna and I simply cannot stop raving about the amazing job she did.

Jenna suggested we do the trial on a day that I had an event, shower, engagement party to see how the makeup lasted throughout the day (something I would never have thought to do). Once she did her thing, she could tell something about the look I wasn’t 100% confident with and we determined the lip liner wasn’t exactly how I normally do it. She quickly adjusted then could tell again I was hesitant. What I really appreciate is that she was the one encouraging me to voice my concerns and explained that is what a trial is for, to work out the kinks so it is perfect, stress-free on your big day. All I needed was a bit more shadow and then I was genuinely so so happy with her work! A huge feeling of relief came over me, knowing that if I had a bad skin day I would not have to worry about my makeup because I was the in the hands of someone I trusted (which for me had never happened before). 

On the big day, she blew me away. I literally felt like a real life barbie doll (which was the look I was going for) and felt so incredibly confident. Even knowing my makeup would last and not simply run off my face was such a stress relief! If I ever need my makeup professionally done again I am going to Jenna, she made my entire wedding party look simply amazing. I can not recommend her enough!!!

desarae d.

"Once I see talent, I support it! Jenna is a very talented and precise artist who has a keen eye for makeup, coupled with such a beautiful personality- both are definitely a huge part of her personal artistry. Ever since the first time I got my makeup done by her, I was hooked and I keep going back; She really knows how to make you feel beautiful with every application!"

- Desarae Dee, Instrumental Artist/ Educator

elena g.

"Must say Jenna is absolutely amazing! Not only is she extremely talented, she is friendly, personable, and professional. she is definitely my go-to person whether it be soft makeup for my graduation photos, sexy for a night out or colourful for Caribana. From my several experiences getting my makeup done by Jenna, I believe she stands out from the rest because she does makeup that fits your personality, An example I have is from Caribana when she did four of my friends makeup along with mine. She has never met them before, but their makeup was done exactly how they would have wanted it!"

madison h.

 "Jenna was my makeup artist for a wedding I was in. She did an amazing job on all the girls! We all looked beautiful :) She's very personable and so easy to talk to. She makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly she makes everyone look flawless!"

holly e.


"Jenna Collins is an amazing makeup artist, emphasis on the 'artist'! She has done my makeup a couple times now and I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful than after this angel touched my face. Keep up the amazing work Jenna!"

emma n.


"I began working with Jenna as her model while she was attending SOMA. I knew immediately that she had amazing potential and began requesting her for any events that I knew I needed to look my best at (weddings, shows, etc). Jenna's style is both consistent and versatile. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she is an absolute natural when it comes to the art of makeup!"

Loraina l.


"Jenna is absolutely amazing. She is an artist and it comes so naturally to her. Every time she has done my makeup I have been amazed and she has known exactly what I needed done each time, and nailed it. I would recommend Jenna to anyone that is looking to get makeup done for any occasion or just a night out! She is friendly and professional and always knows what is best for each individual. I can definitely tell that this is her passion." 

kirsten k.


"Jenna was the makeup artist for my wedding day. This was the first time I had ever got my makeup professionally done, so I didn't know what to expect. Jenna blew me away! She knew a lot about the products she was using and did an amazing job! She also did a great job in making sure everyone felt comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend Jenna to anyone that is looking to get their makeup done!"